Join us as 

Ames Chamber Artists

“Keep Vigil”


Every night is a thousand vigils by those who see us through to morning. These are the utility workers, the security guards, the night-shift nurses. When a tragedy has happened, people gather to stay awake with those who are mourning, to share feelings of fear, anger, and hopelessness. When a day is long awaited, we hold vigils to help us through…to Christmas Day, to emancipation, to the birth of a baby. 

This concert draws from all these vigils – from the Liturgy of the Hours, the Jewish Hanukkah, the Muslim Salah, from children’s bedtime and an adult’s sleeplessness, from the longest night of the solstice to the night before Christmas. 

We ask you to hold vigil with us on December 17 at Collegiate Presbyterian Church. We will sing the sun to set, we will say the prayers, chants, and poems. We will put the children to bed and take a late-night walk. We will welcome the Yule at midnight. We will get restless – wonder and wrestle with the coming of the next day. And then, we will sing the sun to rise again. 

Artistic director Jennifer Rodgers