“The Song Continues: A REQUIEM for the Grieving, A MASS for the Living,” will be performed under the direction of Ames Chamber Artists recently appointed Artistic Director, Dr. Jennifer Rodgers. She has assembled an eclectic “Mass for the Living” from works by Aaron Copland, Jake Runestad, Giselle Wyers, and more, and featuring the premiere of our newest commissioned work, “The Song Continues,” by composer Jodi Goble. In the second half of the concert we perform Clif Hardin’s Requiem, a choral  work with orchestra on the themes of death, grief, remembrance, and gratitude.

Along with assisting craft our vision for the future, Dr. Rodgers has been invited as a guest conductor for the 40th Season of MidAmerica Productions (MAP) and is conducting the Hardin “Requiem” at Carnegie Hall on May 29, 2023. Ames Chamber Artists is PROUD to act as the host choir for singers across the country and many of our membership will travel with her to perform in New York. We are HONORED to sing in the legendary national historic landmark, Carnegie Hall!

Artistic director Jennifer Rodgers 

As we began rehearsing the pieces for this concert, member Ruth Waite began to think about her pandemic experience as a minister.  In her words, “It was bizarre not to be able to hold funerals during that time.  At the beginning, people thought they would have a small graveside service and then a gathering later—but, of course, most of those plans have since fallen through.”   

If you or you know of someone who lost a loved one during the pandemic “closure” or lost someone to Covid please contact Ames Chamber Artists at marketing@ameschamberartists.org  or 515-639-0666 (Google Voice) and we will have a ticket waiting for you at the door.