Singing with ACA

The Ames Chamber Artists is a community choir made of up singers representing many ages, educational levels, vocational areas, musical backgrounds, etc.  We are happy to invite others join is in presenting high-quality performances of interesting music.

Every year the ACA puts on at least two full programs of music, one in December and one around the end of April.  Rehearsals start near the first of September and the first of January respectively.  We rehearse for a bit less than two hours every Thursday evening (with the occasional switch to Tuesday when there are substantial scheduling conflicts).  Twice for each program we’ll meet for a few hours on a Saturday morning; the first early on to really hammer out the new music and share a pot-luck brunch, the second near our first full concert to fine-tune.

For each program there are usually several performances.  We present our own concert with members of the choir handling all the details (marketing, booking a venue, selling tickets, etc.).  A week or two before that we’re usually invited to a neighboring community to present our full program in a concert the community arranges.  In addition we enjoy working with other choirs so at various points during the season we may appear as guests of another group presenting a few of our pieces, and where possible, joining together on a piece or two.

Some years we will do a special program in addition to these, such as the Bluegrass Mass with Monroe Crossing from Minnesota and the Iowa State Singers in 2010 or the Poulenc Gloria presented with the Central Iowa Symphony in 2003.

Joining ACA

We are always happy to bring in new singers and invite all to try out.  There are no age, education, affiliation or other requirements, except that each member must audtion, both to maintain a standard of ability and to help select an equally balanced group of voices for each program.  We require regular and reliable attendance of rehearsals and performances, as well as participation in activities that are necessary to support the choir, such as selling tickets, helping publicize our concerts, raising money, and all the other details that an active choir must see to.

If you want more information or are interested in joining, please contact our Musical Director, Dr. David Johnson, at 515-225-8334 ext. 12 or